Warranty Conditions


  • The products are still within the warranty period of LUSAC.
  • Customers providing confirmation of purchases made at LUSAC (VAT invoice, delivery note, delivery note)
  • The product is not on the list of products not covered by warranty.
  • Scope of warranty: only warranties for defects arising in the production process or transported or assembled by LUSAC:
  • Scratching the board surface, peeling paint
  • Distortion, distortion, warping, product details
  • Chipped, chipped edges, product corners, peel off edges.
  • Open nails, screws


  • Products under promotions / discounts.
  • Customer can repair without notice to LUSAC when there is damage
  • Damages caused by improper use of the product cause scratches, dents, broken, dirty, discolored
  • Damage caused by careless use; placed in an unstable environment (humid or too hot); excessive load; cleaning and storing according to instructions.
  • Natural wear and tear over time (fade; rust; loose screws, hinges after a period of use)
  • Accidental collision when using or transporting by customer.
  • Product warranty expires
  • Customer does not provide confirmation of purchase at LUSAC (VAT invoice, delivery note, delivery note)


  • When the product is damaged and requires warranty, the Customer shall notify and take photo of the product overall and specific photo of the damaged location to Customer Care.
  • LUSAC checks the product on pictures, determines the cases covered by the warranty. Notification of the decision to repair or replace or return the product to the Customer within 36 hours from the time of receiving the notice and pictures of the defective product provided by the customer.
  • In case of repair: LUSAC is completed within 48 hours.
  • For product return or replacement: LUSAC is completed within 7-10 working days.
  • Warranty can be agreed by LUSAC and the Customer in special cases, or force majeure circumstances.